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Clever Queue

Branding, UX Design, Product Strategy and Website Development

The wait is over

The average person will spend 5 years waiting in line for something – tickets, an attraction, a product release, or even a reservation at a hot new restaurant. In London, lineups have become a huge deterrent for going out, so Clever Queue decided to make life easier by eliminating the need to wait.

An ever expanding identity

When designing the Clever Queue identity, we wanted to ensure it remained approachable at every touchpoint – there's a certain level of trust needed to convince a user that their spot in line is safe. Through soft and playful illustrations, we were able to communicate a light-hearted yet trustworthy image that can easily be expanded as Clever Queue continues to grow.

Two apps, one goal

* Clever Queue’s success rests upon two sets of users: those looking to have someone wait for them, and those getting paid to do the waiting (Queue Buddies)! Because of the unique needs facing both user groups, we were tasked with creating two different experiences for the iOS applications.

A clear strategy

For the Clever Queue marketing site, we really wanted to keep content to a minimum, providing potential users with an easy to digest explanation of the CQ process, and clear calls to access the service.

If you're in London, avoid the line!

Sadly for us Versettians, Clever Queue is only in London for the moment, and will be launching in early 2018.

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