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A budding industry

With marijuana laws in Canada set to drastically change in 2018, C-Weed was at the forefront of newly licensed producers looking to stake their claim in cannabis market. In order to standout from the crowd, they required a brand that would communicate their vast expertise and product quality. It had to be clean: no stems, no seeds, no sticks.

Developing tomorrow’s digital dispensary

When it comes to truly caring about their customer, C-Weed isn’t just blowing smoke. They believe that education is just as integral to the overall customer experience as the product itself. That’s why we developed a robust online resource that featured information on the properties of different strains of cannabis, recipes, and everything else you may want to know about cannabis use.

Working with C-Weed provided us with the opportunity to explore new and innovative ways of combining a resource hub and e-commerce platform for a burgeoning new industry

Tyler Jacobson
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