Native Shoes

UX and Product Design

Putting customers at the
centre of the shopping experience

With an established global offline brand and cult-like following among celebrities, Native Shoes was ready to take a step forward with their e-commerce initiatives through a redesign of their website. Partnering with Versett, we began work on setting the stage for their online growth.

Consistency through components

With a strong visual identity and graphic library already in place, building a system for using each element was essential to set the tone and create consistency for the site. By refreshing the look and feel and restructuring the existing page designs, we were able to create an experience focused on simplicity and customer conversations. This modular, components based design empowered the native shoes team to make quick decisions that ultimately allowed us to deliver design within 4 weeks.

An accessible, lite experience

Through each step of research and design we kept the focus on the details of the Native shoes experience. Honouring the brand voice and creating delight in the browsing experience, we succeeded in our goal - helping real people find the shoes that they love, effortlessly.

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