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Reimagining the cookbook

We have had the pleasure of partnering with Daniel on a variety of restaurant projects, most recently creating the brand and identity for Bar Bricco. When he came to us to discuss the idea of a cookbook, we jumped on the opportunity. His goal was simple – create an app that provided a full cooking experience with classic Italian food.

Making food is so much more than just putting ingredients together. I wanted to create an experience that gave emotion to the recipes, and a traditional cookbook couldn’t deliver that.

Daniel Costa chef and restauranteur of Corso32

Conceive, make, improve

When you set out to bring something new into the world, you need to be bold and opinionated about what you’re making, or else you’ll just fall back into the solutions and superficial trends. This is exactly what we were hoping to avoid. We wanted to introduce an entirely new concept and experience. We went through over 150 different design revisions for the recipe view screen before it felt right.

Featured as a top app in Publisher’s Weekly magazine.

Featured by Apple as a Best New App in 48 countries

Featured on CTV nightly news across Canada

Featured on Global nightly news across Canada

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