Versett Code of Values
Let’s work together to make sure our environment is a safe space.

Ensuring that everyone at Versett feels included, valued, and respected is a big priority for us. Just as we ask all Versett team members to be responsible for their words, actions, and behaviours, and to take ownership of the impact they have on others, we ask our clients and partners to do the same.

Versett is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment for everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, age, disability (physical or mental), sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, parental status, marital status, and political affiliation as well as mental illness, socioeconomic status or background, neuro(a)typicality, or physical appearance.

These are Versett’s tenets and what they mean to us. As our vendor, client, or partner, we hope you’ll work with us to foster respectful and inclusive professional relationships.

No Sexism

Versett strives to be a place where women can feel safe, celebrated, and empowered. We aim for all communications and interactions to reflect our commitment to women. Sexist behaviour that will not be tolerated includes (but is not limited to): comments and jokes that are sexual in nature, comments that reflect outdated gender stereotypes, inappropriate physical contact, and unwanted sexual attention.

No Racism

Versett is committed to providing a work environment where our team members’ day-to-day experiences are free of bias, discrimination, and exclusionary behaviour. Racist comments, jokes, and epithets have no place at Versett. This means no verbal comments that reinforce social structures of domination related to race, skin colour, ethnicity, country of origin, or immigration status.

No Ableism

Versett recognizes that people with disabilities are a diverse group, and experience disability, impairment, and societal barriers in many different ways. Disabilities can be “invisible” and episodic, with people sometimes experiencing periods of wellness and periods of disability. All people with disabilities have the same right to dignity and respect at Versett, whether their disabilities are visible or not.

No Ageism

Versett aspires to be an intergenerational workplace. We aim to learn more about and from one other and to share our experiences and wisdom. Ideas and contributions from all team members are acknowledged, valued, and respected, regardless of age.

No Homophobia

Versett is a workplace that not only includes, but celebrates and empowers, our Gender and Sexually Diverse team members. We’re committed to creating the safest space possible for all GSD employees. We aim to understand, name, and resist other forms of bigotry like biphobia, transphobia, and general anti-queerness. We are an organization that doesn’t just say no to homophobia, but no to all forms of bigotry that people face concerning their identity.

No Transphobia

Versett is committed to creating a space that allows people to feel free inside of their gender and gender expression. Transphobic behaviour that will not be tolerated includes (but is not limited to): not acknowledging or respecting someone’s gender identity; not taking the time to learn, recognize, acknowledge, and respect somebody’s pronouns; questioning the validity of somebody’s gender identity, irrespective of their chosen presentation of gender.

No Hatefulness

Versett strives to be a workplace where all of our team members can feel seen, celebrated, and empowered. Tolerating exclusionary and discriminatory words, actions, and behaviours is not how we do business at Versett.

We’re grateful for other Code of Conduct pioneers like the Geek Feminism Wiki, the Citizen Code of Conduct, and Afropunk for their ideas and inspiration.


Individuals asked to stop any inappropriate or exclusionary behaviour are expected to comply immediately. If an individual engages in disrespectful behaviour, Versett retains the right to take any actions to keep our space a welcoming environment for all team members. This includes warning the offender or termination of the client agreement. We expect our clients and partners to follow these guidelines during all interactions with Versett team members, whether in-person, on the phone, or online.