Launch a new company.
Take your vision from concept to launch.

You might have an idea, some sketches or a prototype. We’ll help you quickly build your MVP for launch or an investor pitch. After years of working with high-growth companies, we have the speed and agility it takes to build a business from scratch. Our research, design and development team help take your company from idea to launch.

Here are ways we can help

This is the ideal scenario for us. We welcome your expertise and insight in your industry, and we provide the same in the product world. We work side by side to build a product that will improve the experience for your existing audience.

One of the key ways we help you build your company is by making sure you’re building the right company. Our team can help stress-test your idea, starting you off on the right foot, and ensuring you're pursuing a viable opportunity.

Part of building a new company is getting the right team in place to help you succeed. We tap into our network to put a team in place that can help you lead and grow the company in the future.

Our venture model is flexible. We use different debt/equity arrangements to make sure it works with your budget.

Over the course of the project, typically 3-6 months, our combined teams will:

Interested in working with us?
  1. Perform Customer Development
  2. Conduct Market Research
  3. Position Your Product to Win
  4. Identify a Compelling Business Model
  5. Create a unique brand for your company
  6. Build and Design your MVP
  7. Assist with the Launch and Pitch


Product Design, Web Application and iOS

Bitvo is a market-leading Canadian cryptocurrency exchange. We worked with them to develop the brand and created a vision for the web and mobile experiences. We designed and built a platform that instills trust in their customers—in a technically-dense and often-confusing industry.

e-Commerce Design and Development

Mast had a vision for a new direct-to-consumer line in mens’ haircare. The company envisioned a future of well-designed salon products and accompanying salons—with an omni-channel experience across the web and store. We developed the business model, and together, we created the brand, product packaging, website and ordering experience.

Product Design, iOS and Android App

Prosper is an app that makes career coaching accessible for everyone. They needed help creating their minimum viable product. Through a series of strategy and prototyping sessions, we helped refine the product, positioning it for success for the marketplace. Together we designed the first version of the product and have continued to iterate on it based on user data. Since launch, they have raised more than $1,000,000 in funding, and are working through partnerships with various companies and universities across the countries.