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Eventually, every company needs advice to design, build and scale their business. Here is our why behind the how.

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Our long-avowed goal is to be the product team of choice for high-growth businesses.

To be successful we must keep our promises, build quality products at scale, grant unusual autonomy to our team members, and partner with our clients through thick and thin (though we prefer thick and thicker).


We inspire and empower organizations to build and operate great products.

We do this by leading the strategy, design and development process for our clients. It’s about more than just expertise; we bring passion, curiosity and experience to every project.


We plan for longevity.

Things change quickly in this industry and we take a long-term view in all decision making. Today’s best practices might not be tomorrow’s so we test new paths—and ultimately produce better results.


We specialize in building category-defining products and companies, going from 0 → 1.

Project selection is one of the most important decisions a business can make. We help our clients understand what to build, how to operate it and how to manage risk along the way.


We work on a “Build, Operate, Transfer” model.

Each project starts with a shared understanding of the endpoint. We help our clients to plan for the future and empower them to operate their product independently. We train, teach and help put the right team in place.


We are big believers in the power of keeping it simple.

And we only take on projects we know we can execute. We’ve built our team with deep expertise in a few specialized areas and we employ top talent.


Most technology projects fail because people misjudge the variability of their constraints.

Constraints are living, breathing things. Understanding how they change is equal parts art and science. It is our job to help you prioritize and understand the forest, instead of just the trees.


We strive for complete clarity in what we do.

Most consultants and agencies make it hard to really know what its like to work with them. Projects are obscured. Processes are hidden. We work hard on being clear, focused and human.

Doug having a quick chat with the group.

How we work


We help you build better products through definition, research, design, and technology.


We help operate the product through analysis, growth strategy, and user acquisition.


We help you train, hire or scale internal teams to support the success of your product.

Agility, flexibility and a tailored approach to each project.

The factors that contribute to the success of a product are different each time, so it’s impossible to point to a single process or approach. Rather, we use an anti-process; we’ve studied error signatures and patterns of failure from hundreds of projects across various industries, sizes and platforms. While we consciously avoid the common pitfalls, we approach each project with fresh perspective and flexibility.

Our clients get access to our private tools and insights

Alpha Score

The Alpha Score is single simple metric to measure the digital maturity of your company. This evaluation framework helps you better understand your firm's digital readiness across five dimensions, measuring value that a differentiating process creates compared to a benchmark competitive process.

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Raw Materials

This is our internal Versett knowledge repository of the best of what we have read across the internet, academia, books and everywhere else. Read through hundreds of articles, resources and writing from all corners of the world. As one of our clients put it, "I used to read Twitter, now I just check this."

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Private Newsletter

Our private client newsletter covers the topics we are thinking about in a more raw format. This is our way of sharing the things we are exploring currently and how they may apply to our broader practice. We collect the things that we see, pull them apart into smaller bits that we can put back together in new and interesting ways to share with you.

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Join us for discussions on the intersection of technology, culture and business. Anchored by our Start Here series, exploratory conversations on the topics we can’t stop thinking about. In each discussion, we walk through the history and development of the concept through to where we are today. We canvas what the researchers say, opine on the popular literature on the topic, and observe practical examples in the market.

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What our clients say about working with us

Creative. Fast. Kind. The Versett team was amazing to work with, start to finish.

Bill Shapiro, Editor In Chief Getty Images

The engineers at Versett are extremely knowledgeable and made the integration a great experience. The design approach led to a perfect launch.

Randy Gunzer, Director of Engineering American Express GBT

Versett’s team understands the nuances of consumer product better than any other team I have worked with.

Krystyn Harrison, CEO Prosper

You have constantly delivered beyond our expectations in every stage of the product.

James Wolinski, Managing Director TD Securities

We accomplished more in three months than we did in a year.

Shashank Tripathi, VP of Digital Zafin

Versett is full of world-class problem solvers. We launched in under six months on two platforms, building industry leading functionality along the way.

Pam Draper, CEO Bitvo

Versett helped us understand how to use real-world data to guide product design. The new platform is performant and flexible and gives us the right foundation to build upon.

Steven Rogalsky, VP of E-Commerce Native Shoes

Most vendors strive to make their clients happy, Versett is more focused on their client’s success.

Jeff Hudson, CTO InUnison


Here is how conversations typically start:

  • "Our industry is facing a lot of pressure from new players. How do we tackle this?"
  • “We need to increase retention for our major customers.”
  • “We want to use our data to better inform what features we build next quarter.”
  • “We need a design team to re-envision a common design language across products.”
  • “We need to understand user churn better on our check-out pages”
  • “I want to rebuild our platform on a modern stack so we can move faster.”
  • “We are at capacity and need help leading the design process with our dev team”
  • “We want to run a usability study on our web platform to understand where users are getting stuck"

If this sounds interesting, send us an email or give us a call at 1-844-VERSETT

We use a subscription model. Before work begins, we estimate the monthly hours and duration of the project based on our experience with similar products.

Yes, we can add or remove people from your project team as priorities shift.

If it’s outside of our expertise, we have a trusted network of partners that we work with to deliver a great product.

We help you train employees, hire new team members and build effective product teams to ensure consistent growth after the handoff.

Building digital products is a team sport. On many of our projects, we work beside internal and external teams within the organization. In fact, this is our preference.

Based on the planned work for the month, the makeup of the team can change to meet your evolving needs. We keep the team flexible to make sure we meet your priorities.

We have experience working with a variety of industries—including corporate travel, retail, business banking and cryptocurrency. We are interested in “big” problems that have inherent complexity.

Most of our projects are 3-6 months. We work with you to create an MVP that is focused enough to be built in 90 days, helping you go to market with an idea you can test.

We work with organizations of all sizes—from solo founders and small startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Consistent touchpoints keep projects on track. Travel costs will be determined once the schedule is finalized and are always subject to approval by your team.

All approved tools or services will be billed to your company directly, unless otherwise specified.