We combine strategy, technology, data science and design to solve the most complex business challenges.

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What We Do

Our specialized teams lead the product design and development process for high growth companies.

Recent Projects

Every month, millions of people use the products we’ve built.

Strategy, Design and Development 
Creating an ethical framework for AI

ATB's Innovation team is focused on the future of technology and the impact it will have on the world. Our team was engaged on a project focused the ethics of AI in technology projects. We built an internal survey tool, leveraging their Ethical AI Framework, to assess ethical considerations on new technology projects that ATB's Innovation team would be building.

Strategy, Design and Development 
Reinventing the digital traveller experience

We combined a team of engineers, designers and leaders from Versett and American Express GBT to overhaul the corporate traveler experience. Since 2012, we’ve been working cross-functionally to redesign and rebuild seven core mobile applications, web platforms, digital audit tools and marketing websites—elevating the experience for customers around the world.

UX Research and Product Design 
Looking at the archive through a new lens.

Getty Images worked with us to define and design their first-ever public-facing destination. Leveraging Getty's collection of over 250 million images, we used behavioural design principles on the FOTO website to create an immersive experience for customers while driving revenue for the company. During the design phase, we meticulously user-tested to ensure the best experience possible.

Strategy, Design and Development 
Decoding the cryptocurrency exchange

Cryptocurrency can be difficult for customers to wrap their minds around, but we helped Bitvo launch a user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange in under six months. We created the visual language, name, brand and design philosophy, and built and deployed a easy-to-use exchange for the web and iOS. We worked closely with the Bitvo team to create a product and brand that instills trust in its customers.

Strategy, Design and Development 
Building a consumer banking platform

TD Bank is working on two major initiatives in the consumer banking sector, and we provided business strategy and user research methodology for both projects. Our team led the user interface design and front-end development, partnering with TD Bank and IBM to deliver the go-to-market platform.

Product Design and User Research 
Stepping up e-commerce design

Native Shoes has an incredible product and loyal brand advocates, but needed help scaling their online business to keep up with customer demands. We helped their team better understand their product and market. The result: a newly redesigned, responsive website that contributed to a sales increase of over 30% in the first quarter after launch.

Strategy, Design and Development 
Creating a culture of health and safety

InUnison is re-imagining the way we foster health and safety culture in the workplace. We partnered with InUnison to design a platform that helps companies of all sizes manage health & safety programs focused on clarity and ease-of-use – an important step towards reducing the 120 million occupational accidents reported globally each year.

UX Research and Strategy 
Raising the bar for charitable giving

On the whole, online donations may be on the rise, but Petco was seeing a downward trend. We delved into the paradox with research and analysis to find the best opportunities for Petco to increase online giving and foster donor loyalty. With some key strategic recommendations, we prepared a roadmap to help boost charitable revenue.

Design System and Animation 
Redesigning an online booking platform

KDS revolutionized corporate travel booking with Neo, but the user experience and interface needed updating for the millions of active travellers using their platform. We worked with stakeholders to create a roadmap that ultimately led to a new design system and component library that KDS engineers can use to make changes whenever necessary.

Launched Spring 2019
VR and iOS App 
Test driving virtual reality

Dodge Chrysler needed an innovative way to showcase their new line of trucks. We designed and built a virtual reality app that let users test drive the vehicles using Oculus headsets or Google Cardboard—leading to the most successful lead generation campaign in Dodge’s history. Experiencing footage filmed with 360-degree cameras, users could virtually explore the trucks using an app on their phone.

Strategy, Product Design 
Designing a digital-first bank for the UAE.

We worked with the team at YAP to design the very first digital-first banking platform in the UAE. With nothing more than their phone, you can set up a free YAP account in seconds. Our team worked to define various user flows and design the necessary screens to allow users to create their account, track their daily spending, set budgets and savings goals, send money internationally, and much more.

Product Design, iOS and Android App 
Planning for career success

Prosper is self care for your career. It helps professionals connect with a career coach and conquer their career goals. We partnered with their team to lead the product strategy, user experience, and user interface design, contributing to a successful seed financing round. We’re currently hands-on with the user testing, validation and iterative design sprints.

Product Design and E-Commerce 
Launching a B2B industrial sales channel

BHD is one of the largest instrumentation and measurement companies in North America, but until recently, they still relied on offline B2B sales for growth. We helped them define their digital strategy and value proposition, and went on to build their new online business unit. Now, customers can create complex, customized orders directly on the site, giving BHD access to new geographic markets.

Progressive Web App 
Streamlining multilingual content.

One of Canada’s top arts organizations, the National Music Centre offers online access to museum content to visitors around the world. We worked with them to create a visual design and progressive web application that allows visitors to read content in their own language. A custom CMS with a simple uploading process means National Music Centre administrators can easily add additional languages and new content.

Product Design and Development 
Simple onboarding for financial loan products

Laurel Road is one of the largest loan providers and refinancers in North America. This industry has a lot of intricacies and considerations, and we worked with the Laurel Road team to create a new customer-focused website and loan selection tool that met their specific needs. We also brushed up on our personal finance knowledge in the process.

Client Stories

Designing better experiences is a journey. Here are the stories behind the products.

Rob GasparMast Hair

Versett has completely reinvented the way that we work across our organization.